HIGH everyone! Ariel here, this morning I woke up with a ‘halfbaked’
idea! Every day as I get ready for work, and take one last longing glance
at my glass, I wish I could bring in all my favorite pieces to share with
all the amazing people I see walk through our doors. I wish I
could create moments with so many! Since I can’t physically accomplish
this, I figured I could at least semi accomplish my mission by pulling
out all the pieces I could find and taking most of my morning to have a
'red carpet photoshoot' in the sun for all of my current glass lovelies,
so I can at least share and talk about them with you.

Some of these pieces I baught way before I even started working for
SmokinJs, back when Jeff sold me my very first SmokinJ’s glass. American
made glass, all you’ll find at SmokinJ’s, has stood its test against
time, and with a little TLC, I’ve had my favorite dry pipe for roughly 5 
years now :) … and yes that is a sand blasted hammer head shark, and
sea turtles!

My rainbow side car bubbler has been with me for longer then I can
remember! SmokinJ’s is like the pot (of gold?) at the end of the rainbow ;)
Always treasures to be found!

I don’t even have words MONUMENTAL enough for how this 3ft ADS TOWERS
over all other water pipes in my heart, thanks Tmo for helping convince
me I needed her(not that it was very difficult), you always guide me to pieces
I love! When I found the rainbow dot-box bowl, I knew it was a match made
in heaven.

Careful or your eyes might pop right out! When you see my Dragon bubbler
next to our new eyeball sherlocks, I’m not sure if its my heart or my
eyeball that’s melting at the sight of these ;)

A picture I’ll save for a smile on even the cloudiest day, Blaze1 Gloria
bubbler to the left of my gandolf sherlock (which has been wrapped with
copper wire and stones, I’ve gladly purchased 2 of those in the years),
and my new Synthesis fummed hammer that’s been colored in 
(we’ve got them in pipes & sherlocks as well)

I could go on showing close ups for a while yet (I really do stare at
glass for hours guys, I mean I don’t even get enough at work apparently),
but I’ll wrap it up with a stunning piece of art I just purchased
yesterday, with help from Jay for always knowing where to look, Alex who
sent a picture to me as soon as it came in, Tmo who pointed it out when
it hit the shelf with ‘my name on it’, and Nichole who sold it to me as
soon as I had cash in hand. Honestly its like here at SmokinJ’s we are a
group of treasure hunters who can’t rest as long as there’s still
beauties to be seen! We go from hunting and searching for customers, to
hunting for each other, and of course last but not least ourselves ;)

Thanks to you all for the love, honesty, friends, family, and all the
memories we build around quality glass!
& as always, Thanks SmokinJ’s!


(Source: smokinjs.com)

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